July 7, 2020

Your Quantum Soul Light
Your Soul’s Quantum Expression
By Susan G. Chamberlain
Your Soul's Quantum Expression is being felt on so many levels of your multidimensional
being. We are all standing in this truly dynamic mystical matrix of humanness and
divineness. As our p...

Your Quantum Soul Light Your Quantum Frequency By Susan G. Chamberlain Your Quantum Frequency is absolutely infinite as we quantumly are. We have the law of attraction and the law of vibration. One law attracts everything that's like it, to it; while the other states all things are constantly in motion. Your thoughts and vibration are constantly in motion and elicit a certain frequency. You have the actual ability to observe these forces. You can observe your thoughts and you can feel your Soul's quantum vibration. Quieting your mind takes much practice as ascended masters and yogis have done this. Often times you'll see and hear in Sacred scripture 'Be still and know that I am.' People may not truly understand that Truth to its fullest quantum potential. We all have the ability to be still, with practice, and know that GOD is and I Am. We come out of a quantum existence in/with this stillness and knowingness. We have the option of claiming a new frequency with pure conscious intent. You can use free choice will to cut the chords and cancel out any lower frequency thoughts you no longer wish to ponder on. This is where the law of attraction comes in, as the momentum of your thoughts go right back on tract where you left them; it’s the same vibratory pattern. In one of my groups, we're beginning to practice cutting our chords from thoughts and things before we retire for the night. Upon waking we have a very small window to claim our day and reprogram our subconscious mind. This does take practice, as it becomes a spiritual discipline and exercise. We have decided early each day to take 15-20 minutes to quiet our minds. We started to notice doing this first day, second day, up to 30 days in a row, that there was a detachment from everything that was going on. This was allowing us to reset our vibrational frequency. You can feel an acclaimed quantum stillness with everything. This was a totally different vibration felt quantumly in our fields. All things became silent; nothing could grab our reach or attention. Our focus was in a quantum frequency now, we knew it, we could feel it. It was as if our virtual reality had shifted to another dimension. I felt very much the way the master Jesus was teaching and living his Truth - I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. It was a self-realization in a quantum frequency, like having the experience of living 40 days in the desert - everything was calling out but it seemed far removed from where we consciously were in our quantum frequency. Our days were so different, now we were in a receiving mode. This was a viable key and a viable path to receive more from the Universe infinitely. As we let go of our thoughts and what was happening, stillness came that put us in alignment of who we are. The energy was so much more pure; there was absolutely no effort to be.

June 7, 2020

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April 22, 2020


April 22, 2020



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