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911 We Will Never Forget-“Michele Bernadette Chamberlain Lanza”

911 We Will Never Forget “Michele Bernadette Chamberlain Lanza 911

Tower II

911 We Will Never Forget

My Beautiful Sister

“Michele Bernadette Chamberlain Lanza” eternally in our hearts. We Love you so much. We miss you everyday. You are our eternal Heavenly Angel! Love you! Till we meet again...♥️🤍💙

She went to work that day like any other day.

She worked form 7-3 to be with my nephew, who was 7 at the time.

Her life was totally wrapped around his little life at that time.

She loved life. She was bigger than life. She is our Eternal Angel now. She has missed much here physically but she has also witnessed much spiritually.

She was a bright light in our family and this world.

She was completely selfless and helped everywhere she could.

Her and my Mom were best friends.

We miss her so much here. We ask her to pray for us, as we pray for her.

We Love You Michele!

Til We Meet Again...

LOVE YOU!!!😘💜🦋

GOD Loves You!

**Have a Day With an Open Divine Unconditional Heart!**

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