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Celestial Portal…

Breathing in deep with today’s Grace of the Divine Energy Portal… getting into my Heart space. I’m loving all the Heart Energy flowing in today, especially from the Divine Feminine. Going walking in nature to add to the Grace of the great day. I hope you can at least walk for 10 minutes today and really feel planted in your Soul and in nature. I woke up feeling all this Divine Energy running through my Soul and body. Invigorating and Glorious. My Senses all feel extremely ALIVE, Alert and Aware. My Intuition keyed through in dream-states of Awareness. Be Alive in your Soul today. Feel Alive in your Soul today. Capture this Divine Energy and Enjoy every living minute of it. Expect your Angels to be All Around with their Celestial Guidance, Messages and Influences. Follow your Intuition. Feel the electricity…

22222 Angels everywhere!!!

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Celestial Portal

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