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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Today is Good Friday, another High Holy Day of Truth. This Day was filled with deception, betrayal, crucifixion, intuition and passion.

Today Truth is baring witness to One Being, Yeshua, Jesus who came here to testify to the Truth. HE carried this Truth Light where ever he traveled both near and far.

Yeshua, Jesus came in to this planet with a specific Journey. HIS Destiny would give all the rest of us Freedom, although today that is being challenged again.

These times are mimicking those times. There is so much parallel Energy here, that existed even then. How is it, that we have not resolved some of those issues even today? We have resolved quite a few issues, as many are being addressed currently.

The Benevolent Love here surrounds us at all times. Yeshua, Jesus knew this. HE was trying to get us to know this. We have issues with Divine Benevolent Love today.

Faith, Trust and Believe. This is hard for many people. Some remain in their ego struggle everyday. Yeshua, Jesus came here to show us another WAY.

Many fight foe the old Energy everyday. Change has to happen.

Yeshua, Jesus gave up HIS life so that we may live better. Are we? Are we following HIS WAY? This is not a religious anything, these are real Spiritual questions. Truth is another WAY.


GOD Loves You!

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