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♥️Happy Mother’s Day to every Mom, Grandma, Pet Mom, Step Mom, Adopted Mom... 💐

A Mother’s presence is the most welcomed presence on this beloved planet. She delivers what nothing else can provide, birth of the Human Spirit on this beloved planet.

A Mother’s Love is Unconditional in every circumstance, because at the end of the day, she is the one whose still standing with her babies.

A Mother’s Heart is the biggest on this beloved planet. Her heart stretches into the Universe in every direction to do what she can for her babies.

A Mother’s instinct lets her know where her kids are and if they’re ok. Her maternal innate knowing, fills her senses with her children’s presence.

A Mother’s Grace fills your home with the best aromas of cooking foods that delight every palate. She knows how to warm your belly and heal your heart.

A Mother’s Compassion fills your family and home with nurturing care. She’s there when everyone else goes home. She’s there when you have triumphs and let downs. She knows how to sooth your Soul and bring life back into your Spirit.


Happy 11th Anniversary in Heaven Mom. We miss you! We Love You!

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