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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Beautiful Celebration of the Summer Solstice today (4:45). 6/21/21 which actually adds up to being a 5 overall day. We also have a 21/21/21 adding up to 3, Holy Trinity.

Time to stand in your Soul Power, your True Authentic Self leads you to New Discoveries about YOU. You are a Divine Being, time to Recognize this FACT.

You must Now live in even more Awareness of your SELF. Self Love, Self Worth, Self Expression are your Leading Energies Now. Claim this about your Self.

Self Love brings Clarity and Validation of the Self with great Acceptance. Be Diverse and Live from your Heart’s Divine Truth. Unity in Oneness is coming with and for All. Again this is a Process and takes time.

This is the day the Northern Hemisphere starts summer and the Southern Hemisphere starts winter. The Solstice splits the year in half weather wise and Energetically for our Soul, Divine Self.

Recognition of the Divine Self brings about a deeper Focus of your Truth Self. Choose Wisely while you’re discerning. Peace, Harmony, Inner Soul comfort will come. Your Self Worth Potential is coming from Within.

The Sun takes its cycle Shining its Light upon us and what we need to see better in our Soul Light. This Solstice marks the half way point of the year and a time for a New Way for you. Pay Attention to what’s Calling You…

It’s the 21st Century, Solstice on the 21st day of the 6th month, in the 21st year of the calendar. All of this is a Triple Code of Truth.

6/21/21 adds up to 14 which is 5 and 2021 is also 5. “5” is a Change Agent, a time of Transformation. It is Happening, it’s a Process and does take some time.

So be adaptable and flexible as you Renew your Life. Time to Open your Heart and Mind for betterment, releasing old habits, patterns; making room to receive the Unknown. More of your Divine Self is going to show up.

The Sun carries your daylight, adds Positivity and shines right where your Soul needs it. The Moon carries your night, focuses on your InnerLight and has your Emotions.

Inspiration and Fulfillment this day for Healing, Harmony and Joy. Go into your Spiritual Heart this day and pull out the Love and Compassion from the Divine and have it present daily on your Journey.

Bring your Vision to this world. Look at this world too. Work from Within your Soul and be able to Express your Truth in a great way for Humanity. Especially during these very challenging times of Change.

GOD Loves You!


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