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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

When you connect with the Divine, be Conscious and be in Reverence. Walk in your Light and access your Crystalline temple.

Go Within to kindle your Divine Connection. Let go of the outside world with all of its demands. Holy Listen in Divine Grace. Your Union with the Divine may feel invisible, it’s very Present.

When you put the Divine on hold, you will put your Self on hold. When will you make the time to Focus on the Divine? It will feel harder to connect, the longer you stay on disconnect.

Watch what you do with your time. Busyness distracts you, while time controls you. The more you do, the bigger you feel a gap between you and the Divine.

Make time to be alone with the Divine. When you give direct time with the Divine, the Divine makes time for you. Your Path is actually Solitary but this becomes difficult for many.

GOD Loves You!


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Divine Union…💜

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