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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Pray upon your Soul that you do good and that you do All Good Things. This serves Humanity on a much grander scale than you just thinking you’re here for your Self.

Everything you do reflects the WHOLE. Every thought, every word, every deed, every action leaves an Energetic pathway; make it a good one.

Walk in Divine Grace in every place. This adds to the Whole in ways you may never see but will always be felt.

Each one of us carries seeds of the other. We are a unified Divine Consciousness intermingling and interwoven in intricate ways, we may never see all the connections but we will witness them.

Grow strong in your Faith and your Soul Truth. Trust the Divine and Divine Timing, it knows way better than you what is to open, unravel and happen for you and the whole.

GOD Loves You!


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Do All Good Things …💜

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