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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Full Moon in Aries, Blood Moon, Hunters Moon this October 20. This is a time of completion and it’s half way through the Lunar cycle.

Intuition and Emotions will rise during this time, higher Energy plus releasing. You’ll know what’s working and not working for you at this time. Emotional healing will occur.

Full Moon ritual with Light on what’s reflecting with clarity and to note what’s not in the Light for releasing. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine will begin to balance.

The Sun is opposite the Moon at this time. It’s also in Libra with balance, empathy, understanding. While the Moon is in Aries with your Authentic Self showing up, confidence, Self focus.

The balance here is between the Energy Within, Soul, and your external world. Follow your Soul Intuition and yes you will have a heightened sense of Energy here with it.

We’ll have time now with the need for balance in our Soul freedom and the need for external connection. Here you can look at your desires and motivations behind them.

LOVE will be very Present here as well, as we move toward the Winter Solstice. Relationships will be on the rise and balance with harmony with those existing now.

A lot of Wisdom coming in right now, you’ll receive it through your psychic centers of the Heart or the Mind. Heart and Mind healing occur for congruency of Soul Energy.

By the beginning of the new year you’ll feel more grounded in your decisions and in your path forward. Love is our foundation here, as we move forward within our Soul’s grounded confidence.

With Aries Energy here Self Expression, Authentic Self, will move forward. Aries Energy is Spirit in our physical form with lots of Inspiration. All Newness coming in. New creative cycles opening up.

GOD Loves You!


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Full Blood Moon in Aries … ♈️

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