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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Live and Breathe from your Heart. Your Heart holds the dynamic Energy of your Divinity, of your Ancient Wisdom of your Pure Divine Eternal Connection.

Your Heart knows no bounds. Here on Beloved Mother Earth many restrictions and limitations have been put on your Heart and your Soul.

We will live from freedom again. This Ascension is a Process with a Divine Love and Divine Light outcome. Each day we Ascend more and more.

Be careful of the Beliefs you choose to hold on to. Beliefs carry Energy. During this time you are being asked to go through your Beliefs and your Limitations, the ones you put on your Self; never mind society.

Walk around in Love and Light. Walk around knowing your Truth. Walk around Being ONE with GOD, Divine Source, your Creator..

GOD Loves You!


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Your Heart knows no bounds …🧡

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