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Today is All Hallows’ Eve or traditionally know as Halloween, if you celebrate it. It’s also the First Day of AllHallowtide. It is also known as All Saints Eve, since it is before All Saints Day.

In the Celtic Religion, they celebrate the night before known as ‘Samhain Festival of the dead’, which is All Hallows’ Eve. They make offerings for specific ancestors.

Remember to, Hallow is to Bless, to render Holy: Holy Souls, Specific Holy places and Saints and their relics. The Noun of ‘Hallow’ means Saint. It’s also in the Lord’s Prayer: ‘Hallowed be Thy Name”.

So Halloween is a much shortened form of All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints Eve. People used to dress up as Saints and then came along costumes. What happens today is far away from what they celebrated many, many years ago.

“AllHallowedTide” to everyone. It’s the 3 Days of All Hallows’ Eve, All Hallows’ Day and All Souls Day, as we honor the Saints and pray for all Souls who have departed.


GOD Loves You!


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Happy AllHallowtide …🧡

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