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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Please, please, please realize how much GOD, Divine Source Loves you. You are so Loved and cherished by GOD, Divine Source.

GOD, Divine Source is with you every moment, check your breath. You are Breathing in Divine Grace, Divine Source at all times. When you’re not breathing, you leave from here.

You are so Loved, that I want you to imagine you’re Divine Grace. Imagine being engulfed in Divine Love at All times. You are saturated with LOVE at All times.

Be Aware of how much GOD, Divine Source is with you. How much GOD, Divine Source has carried you, when you couldn’t carry your Self.

You’ve had days with ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ because you need to grow, expand and shake your old Self. The Newness is coming in, embrace it.

GOD Loves You!


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