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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

The Universe is listening to you. Whatever your desire is, it’s going to follow you. Wherever you put your focus, is what is going to show up.

Be specific with your Soul Potential, use Universal Wisdom for Guidance. Let your Angels Holy Whisper in your ear how much your are Loved.

Step back from your ego persistent pursuit. Let Divine Timing just Be, Do what is required, Have things all lined up for you.

Swallow your ego pride and follow your Soul. You are uniquely designed by Heaven for your Journey. When you step off the Wisdom Path of Wow, you end up in the wowahhhh path.

It’s hard sometimes to just let go. You think and feel the Universe doesn’t have your back, it does; it hears your pleas and cries. Trust the Process.

GOD Loves You!

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