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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Heaven is here on this Earth breathing with me, through me and in me. I thank the Divine, GOD, Source everyday for my existence.

What a Blessing to be placed here on this Beloved planet. To bring her back to her Pure, Heavenly Beauty. To let the Divine run freely in Her again.

We carry the torch of Heaven, the spark of Divinity, the fire of the Holy Spirit, the Wisdom of the Holy Trinity, the Grace of Truth. We are the example of Heaven on Earth.

Be alive in your Soul. Be very Present in your Soul. Be the Grace that GOD, Source, Divine knows that you are. No more living falsehood.

Shine your Divine Light. Share your Divine Love. Live your Holy Trinity on this Earthly path of Divinity. Mother Earth will shine all her Glory the way GOD, Divine, Source intended.

222 Angel Numbers, Confirming you’re on your Divine Path!

Happy Ground Hogs Day!🤎


GOD Loves You!

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