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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

I am taking my Light. I am taking my Love and I am using GOD up above. Soften your shoulders and stand in your Soul’s Grace.

Take the Wisdom from Within your Sacred Heart and breathe delicate but firm Light Energy into every aspect of it.

Sit back and let this Sacred Grace embody you from head to toe. Feel the hairs lifting from your human skin and the racing of the electricity from every point in between.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Let the Sacred wind blow onto your human face and through your human hair. Close your eyes and pause your your Self as you nourish this Sacredness about you.

GOD is Light. The more a Soul is pure, the more it feels the splendor of that Light. Are you beginning to see where You, Me, WE are all going?


GOD Loves You!

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