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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Be genuine in your Soul. Have Compassion every day. These help raise your Vibration more than you could ever know. Pay attention to where your focus is.

As you’re walking your Journey, notice it’s sometimes the littlest things that add to your day and life. These things seem to come out of no where and everywhere.

This Shift has you hopefully focused on betterment of your Self, family and the Earth you live on. Where you place your Self, is how your environment will roll out.

Some days you wake up and everything’s up, some days you wake up and everything feels heavy. If you’re beginning to Astral travel, it can be from where you’re going.

Other times, as we Shift more, you will feel fatigue just from the Expansion of your human body. All normal and most of us have witnessed this before in other Galactical Shifts.


GOD Loves You!

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