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Soul Transformation 10/15/20

Free Choice leads your way StarSeeds, Energy Workers, Light Workers, WayShowers, Old Souls.Constantly and in every NOW MOMENT Choose to go Higher.

Observe your Self. Lift up your Spirit. Love GOD, Source, Higher Power, your Self, your Neighbor. This will Lift the Spirit of the Collective.

Shine your Holy Light upon this Holy Land. This Land was made by GOD, Source, Higher Power, Universe for ALL of US to share in the Oneness of our Truth Divinity.

Impact the Collective by being your Highest version of You, the way GOD intended and made You to be. Don’t be lost, confused or forget who You, Me, and WE are in the image and likeness of GOD, Source, Higher Power, Universe.

Remember Angels are forever with us, by our side, walking hand and hand. Angels shower us with Light and Higher States of Consciousness All the time. There are many Higher Beings assisting US in this massive Consciousness Shift.

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