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Soul Transformation 10/17/20

Remember WE are not walking alone. Angels are everywhere assisting us to move into the Higher Consciousness of the Earth Plane. Celestial forces have been here a long time.

WE are Higher Dimensional Light Beings, simultaneously WE are Human Beings. WE are not here to stay in 3D comfortability but to expand and grow into Higher States of Being.

WE are to shine our Frequency out from the Sacred Physical vessel WE are living in, it is of GOD, it is Holy indeed. This Frequency is so potent that it will disintegrate, destroy any lower Consciousness in its path.

WE are Beings of High Powered Light in physical form, REMEMBER that. So have Compassion for your Humaneness and it’s beautiful experience of Ascension on Mother Earth’s plane.

Our LIGHT is our weapon. Our LOVE is our weapon. Shine Bright, Send and Give LOVE. This will certainly Shift the Human Collective. You are this POWERFUL!

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