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Soul Transformation 10/29/20

With this Massive shift in Consciousness you begin to recognize where you stand with your Soul in your very own Truth, amongst the Collective.

Notice what’s coming in from the external, your input throughout the day. This is any external stimuli that alerts your attention to it.

Remember all information is Consciousness, which ever form it takes as it enters your body words, stories, narratives, videos, posts, messages, events. It’s information, how do you digest and feel it?

This movement into the body as Consciousness information, will always energetically be felt and not just heard or seen. Recognize this feeling of Consciousness information.

Even when you hear a Message, you will Energetically decipher it, you analyze it. You will take note of it’s vibration, it’s Energy, it’s information, it’s structure, it’s function, how it feels to incorporate into your Self. This is all energetic input information.

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