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Soul Transformation 10/3/20

WE have made it out of a very destructive timeline, WE are now on a completely different timeline. Believe it or not, WE pulled ourselves out of a very dense timeline.

Keep your Focus on 5D, keep your Focus on moving into Higher States of Consciousness. As WE continue to do this, WE will pull all of Humanity with us.

Yes, WE have remnants of 3D timelines around but they are being moved out. Going forward with a positive High Frequency Timeline in Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion, Understanding, Wisdom, Grace...

WE are moving with the Natural force of Nature in the old timeline, it will pass, Be Patient. WE will experience 3D issues yet, like the virus, the vaccine, the fear of no food, the fear of no cash money. There will be fear but not virus based. WE have to experience the lower frequencies in order to purge them. Some of these are coming in 2021.

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