• Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.

Soul Transformation 10/4/20

WE are standing more in our Truth as WE Journey along this great divide. WE are actually preparing for Unity, although it does look chaotic.

There is an underlying current of Oneness, Unity running through All of our Souls. It’s looks so much like many are going in different directions but they’re not.

Hold tight to these hectic, chaotic times, this is a phase in the Ascension Process. WE will make our way according to our Soul’s uniqueness. Some will be dragging, some will be flying.

WE are All looking for the same horizon on the other side of this Divine Consciousness Shift. WE All are desiring Peace, Love, Unity, Grace, Compassion, Growth, Understanding, Wisdom, Sovereignty...

WE are All walking together with our own Beliefs, our own Resonance, our own Divine Unified Heart. There is a Oneness here, even Now. WE are All going in the same direction, so Open your Divine Heart and let Love in.

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