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Soul Transformation 10/8/20

When you concentrate your Energy on something with a real Energetic Focus, you can shift it.

WE are very Powerful Beings of Light.

What kind of Intentional Energy are you sending to those of low frequency consciousnesses? If you don’t react and pull your Self into that lower frequency, you’ll be ok.

You need to PAUSE & OBSERVE.

So, WE, as Warriors of Light, need to send our Love, our Light, our Peace, our Joy, our Understanding, our Compassion to those lower Consciousnesses, to these experiences to break them down.

Our Prayer, Meditation, and Healing Light Energy are extremely effective and extremely powerful for this. WE carry such a Divine Light, that it’s like a Magic Wand. The Frequency of Light you send, depends on the Intention behind it.

WE need to assist, WE need to shift these lower consciousnesses out of here. Focus your Light to any place, thing that requires that shift of Consciousness.

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