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Soul Transformation 8/28/20

Be excited for your Soul Journey, as much is currently Shifting, many are and have been AWAKENED. This Spiritual Awakening has Shifted everything in this beloved planet. Each of you has questioned your Reality.

Creativity and Manifestation are two hot points right now. Parts of Manifestation is your ability to reach into a parallel reality and pull what you need from a previous time in which you had it.

You have the ability to stop time, increase time and take away time. WE have the ability to achieve and obtain, manifest, any out come that we desire. Questioning your reality, helps you to AWAKEN to it.

Upon your Awakening, you can get deeper into your Soul’s Knowledge and Awareness. You can bring that Wisdom to the surface to assist, guide and channel for many others.

There are many reptilian shape shifters here on this planet trying to suppress humanity for thousands of years. They run the shadow government and are known as the Elite, Illuminati, Deep State. This is in the process of being taken down as WE Claim our Divine Soul Power back.

GOD Loves You!

**Have a Day Awakening to Truth in your Soul!!!**



**Susan G Chamberlain**   

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