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Soul Transformation 9/30/20

In our every Now Moment, WE are courageously standing in many consciousnesses at once. WE are navigating the low density, while also standing in 5D Frequency. It’s so important for US to be here.

Many different Frequency TimeLines are coming up but Humanity is Shifting so quickly, that they’re not all resonating with the Earth plane. So many Timelines come and go because they don’t fit into the Higher Frequency.

Remember many of the Timelines coming up are based in fear. If, the Collective hooks into one of these fear based Timelines, Humanity will be derailed until the illusions of that Timeline are dismantled and alchemized.

To move through these low Frequency Timeline paradigms rapidly, WE must Focus on our Heart Center; where Love, Compassion, Peace, & Empathy live. Be with each of these in your Now Moments.

Try not to be manipulated by the fear based paradigms that are appearing all around. Be in your Love & Light Center and radiate that Energy out with Peace & Empathy through the Collective in a ripple affect.

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