We will navigate the arrival of your Soul through your Natal chart locating your unique personal Soul Signature Energy. Take a closer look at how the planets are a reflection of your Soul's Energy, as they guide you into Self Awareness and Self Reflection. 

You'll learn about and understand your SELF in a deeper way. You'll be able to take this information for Transformation and Growth. This will aide you in Self Acceptance, deep validation of your True nature of Being.

We'll reveal the qualities of your Life Purpose and what you are here to Heal and Teach others.


We will look at your Natal Chart and your Transit Chart, a copy will be sent to you. We will need your email address.


You will need to supply us with your Full Name at birth, your place of birth, your time of birth, where you are currently located.

Astrology Readings


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    Email : susangchamberlain@gmail.com

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