Guided Visual Healing Meditation: Stress reduction is immediate as it used to calm and sooth yourself from your full schedule and a fast moving world. You can literally add powerful, positive, healthy active years to your life. Even 5 -10 -15 minute meditations daily will increase and rejuvenate your energy field. This deep practice removes simple things like worry, fatigue, and anxiety, while decreasing your blood pressure, heart rate and improving immune response.
Guided Meditation - walks you through the meditation with a specific focus in mind.
Visual meditation - visualizing with your senses using s specific focus in mind.
Benefits: relaxation, calmness, increased energy, better and clearer thinking, stress reduction, compassion, passion, gratitude, sitting in silence, improve concentration, increase self awareness, increase happiness and joy, improve immune system, increase acceptance, encourages healthy life style and choices, deep peace and general love of life.Group Event


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Meditation: In Heaven Events/Group Event

  • Phone/Skype/In Person Sessions are 30/60 Minutes.(30 Minutes $29/ 60 Min $59) Please call for an appointment. One day notice for cancellations please. Group Discount Sessions are available.

    Thank you for choosing our services. Your relaxation and satisfaction are our priority. Many Blessings to you on your healing journey.


    Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Your healing experience is set by your intention, please keep that in mind on your healing journey. Have a Blessed day!