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Author Susan G. Chamberlain, PhD "Reclaiming Your Soul's Light" is a 365 Day Inspirational book for daily doses of Heaven's Light. You can use these inspired passages daily to keep your Self in alignment with your Soul's Journey. You can use this as a daily Guide from Heaven's whispers to your Sacred Heart. These can also be used to meditate on daily, bringing you closer to GOD, Source, Spirit.


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  • Susan G. Chamberlain has created a beautiful and safe space in her book, "Reclaiming Your Soul's Light". Susan has the gifts to impart this Sacred and Soulful work and hold a clear and safe space.

    When we are open and receptive, it's important to seek with someone who is of a high frequency Soul. Susan is this person and can carry you to new Enlightened ways of being, doing and having.


    Kisma Orbovich,

    Founder, Illumination Academy


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