Date Change: July 17,18,19

Opening Greeting... Intention, Invocation, Prayer...


Soul Talk: •What is your Soul? •What is your Destiny? •What is your Soul Purpose?


Self Love & Self Care: •Self Worth •Balance •Self Esteem Power


Power of Prayer: •Prayer takes Action •Prayer is Proper Living •Prayer is Divine Electricity


Intuition & Guidance: •Daily Intuitive Guidance •Subtle Messages •Holy Listening


Divine Design: •Soul Expression •Made by GOD, Source, Creator •Genius Magnificence


Mystical Marriage: •Soul & Spirit •You, GOD, Holy Spirit •Must Be One


Itinerary: July 17, Day 1: Workshop:

1-4pm Break: 2:15pm Dinner: 4-6:30pm

Extra: Evening: 6:30-8pm. Pre-Register Full Moon Cleansing Meditation Fee:$20


July 18, Day 2: Workshop:

9:30am-12pm Break: 10am Lunch:12-1:30pm Workshop:1:30pm-4pm Break: 2:30pm Dinner:4-6:30pm

Extra: Evening:5-9pm Pre-Register Mini Readings: Susan/Annette 20 minutes/$30

Mr. Nadeau: Energy tour of Property, those interested.


July 19, Day 3: Workshop:

9:30am-12pm Break:10:30am Wrap up Weekend Soul Retreat Lite Lunch: 12noon


Facilitators: Rev Dr Susan G Chamberlain, PhD 718-791-7689

Rev Dr Annette Nadeau, LMT,PhD 518-366-1178


Accepting: $175      Paypal*/Venmo/Check/Cash


Venmo@SusanG-Chamberlain Cash/Checks $175


*Housing is available, limited space. Check with Annette.

*Food $40 for weekend. See Annette.

*Paypal & Credit Cards extra fees apply.


Thank you! Many Blessings! Susan & Annette

July 17,18,19 Soul Retreat: Soul Transformation toward your Destiny

  • This Soul Retreat is for anyone who is experiencing a Soul Awakening. Anyone who'd like to go deeper on their Soul journey with more tools in their pocket. Anyone who would like more Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom about their Soul Journey. Anyone interested in their Intuition and Guidance system. Anyone interested in going to New Hampsire White Mountains for Soul Exploration, Soul time, Soul like mindedness.

    We are here for you! Both Annette and I have much Soul Wisdom to share

    This will be an exciting and fun Soul Retreat.

    Come join us. It's inexpensive and there's a lot of fresh air in the White Mountians

  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Your healing experience is set by your intention, please keep that in mind on your healing journey.

    Your satisfaction is our compassion and biggest priority.

    Thank you!

    Have a Blessed Day!