I am The Soul Alchemist, as The Soul Alchemist the Soul Transformation System is created according to each unique, individual Soul. These Sessions are designed to bring you to a New Higher Vibration in your Soul. This allows you to attract higher vibe people, opportunities and events into your life. You'll Awaken to a whole New Way of BEING, DOING and HAVING.Your Soul Purpose becomes clear. We'll remove things during this process that no longer serve you, the deep seated limiting beliefs, blocks and paradigms that must be solved and removed in order for you to have clarity. As The Soul Alchemist, I can make things happen that you want to happen. The Soul Transformation System moves you into Higher levels of Empowerment, so you are running your life and your life is not running you. Expect to transform your life.“The Soul Transformation System”•This is a System designed to take you into the mystical depths of your Soul. •This is for someone looking to dialogue with their Soul on a much deeper level. •This goes into the caverns of your Soul where fate meets destiny. •If you’re looking to understand your Soul, the Journey of Awakening, this is for you. •If you’re looking to learn more about your Intuition and Guidance, tune in here. •If Prayer is calling you, we go deeper into the miraculous miracles and mysteries around the power of prayer. •We’ll look at your Divine Design. The theme energy of your life purpose. •Self Love is essential for any Spiritual Journey or undertaking. Your Self Worth empowers your Soul. •Truth brings GOD, Source, Higher Power to illuminate your path. Truth restores you to your Divine perfection. •Prosperity for your Soul. All success has a Master plan. Be prepared to accept your abundance. There are many bonuses:•Meditation clearing blocks and restrictions •

Auric Clearing

I.E.T. Angelic Healing 

Spiritual Energetic Cleanse

This is a 60 day, 2 months, Coaching package. 

This is a mystical journey into your Soul

Great Guidance for the Awakening Soul

I’m here for you, as we go through the program.


Thank you!

Many Blessings,Rev Dr Susan G Chamberlain,PhD


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Dare to Transform your Life!


Done by Teleseminar

Soul Transformation System - Soul Therapy Coaching

  • These Soul Sessions are for 3 Sessions a month for 2 months, the Sessions are 60-90 minutes long. The Sessions will be scheduled to what best fits your schedule.

    $1997 or 2 payments of $1100


  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Your healing experience is set by your intention. Please keep that in mind on your healing journey. Your satisfaction is our compassion and our biggest priority.

    Thank you!

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