Sound Healing Vibrational Session opens up your chakra system and begins to realign these energetic body centers. A body in alignment has more energy, more freedom, more abundance. We also open up your 3rd eye, intuitive center. This is associated with your Pineal, located in the midbrain. It is the biology of the higher self, your Soul, your Divine connection. Your intuitive senses will be opened up increaseing your awareness. Using Sound Vibration you can clear your chakras, clear your mental status, elevate your frequency and balance your self to your innate - smart body.

Sound Healing Vibrational Session

  • Using tuning forks set at a certain frequency and vibration to realign your energetic centers. These sessions help you to keep focused, increase your intuition, increase your balance, increase your energy, allow you to relax. You will feel the shift in your energy field.

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  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Yor healing experience is set by intention, please keep that in mind on your healing journey. Your satisfaction is our compassion and biggest priority.

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