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Susan G. Chamberlain, PhD

Susan started her journey toward Blue Rose Mystics, in service  to others from her own life story. She experienced a calling in her life that went much deeper than the wound she received.

She had to learn how to create herself anew in order to heal her life, let go of anxiety,  and get herself back on the road in service to others.  She had to learn how to balance her life - body, mind, spirit and soul. Many profound things have happened to put her where she is today. She  has earned a degree in Holistic Theology and went on to get her PhD. She also obtained many Spiritual Healing Certifications on her path to wellness and wholeness. She has been professed as a monk in Celebrating Life Ministries, where she has also been Ordained as an Enlightened Spiritual Healer.  She has used all of the modalities that she offers to you, since they are all part of her spiritual journey.

Each certification was used to gain back her soul's power, heal, and transform her life. Her spiritual direction took on a life of its own by Divine nature and design. She was set on transforming her life and getting to know what her soul's purpose was. Her calling, her Soul's Signature became an ongoing journey. Living through her archetypal patterns brings forth her mystical nature and intuitive abilities. She is what she is  due to her archetypal patterns set at birth before you incarnate. Sacred Contracts  keep you aligned to your soul's calling. She has learned to listen deep inside her soul to GOD and has transformed her journey.

She loves to serve others in finding their true calling, getting back to their soul's true nature. She knows All Things Are Possible With GOD and thus she lives accordingly.

Degrees, Certifications, Memberships, and Training
>Ph.D., American Institute Of Holistic Theology, Philosophy Of Naturology
>BS, City University Of New York
>Board Certified, American Association Of Drugless Practitioners
>American Holistic Health Association Practitioner
>Certified Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner — Reiki Kai International, New York, NY
>Certified White Light Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner — Center Of Reiki Touch Therapy, New Jersey
>Certified Blue Star Celestial Energy Master/Practitioner — Reiki Kai International, New York, NY
>Certified Enhanced Reiki Master/Practitioner — Reiki Kai International, New York, NY
>Certified I.E.T. Integrated Energy Therapy Master/Instructor/Practitioner — Center Of Being, Woodstock, NY
>Certified Stress Reduction — American Institute Of Holistic Theology
>Certified Energy Healing Therapy — Faithnet, New York, NY
>Certified Advanced Healing Energy Therapy — Faithnet, New York, NY
>Certified Angel Card Reader — Doreen Virtue/Hay House
>Ordained Minister Of Enlightened Spiritual Healing — Celebrating Life Ministry, LaSalle, IL
>Professed Monk — Celebrating Life Ministry, LaSalle, IL
>Ordained Minister — Open Heart Sanctuary, New York, NY
>Certified Marriage Officiant, New York, NY
>Certified Energy Mastery Practitioner
>Certified Auric Clearing Practitioner
>Internationally Published Writer - Luminous Women
>Producer/Director Cable Television

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