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Spiritual Cleanse: Virtual Teleseminar Event

Group Healing

Using the Energy of Chaos & the Void to shift your life and journey.

We'll look into the mind and connect to your Soul.

Gain clarity in your life challenges, patterns, cycles.

Join me in creating a deeper Soul Connection



All Saints Day/All Souls Day Prayer Service

Teleconference Mon Nov. 2,2020.

Call in Number: 1-727-731-4343

Time: 8pm-9pm EST.

Join Me, Susan (Monk & Ordained Minister with CLM) with

Padre Paul (Co-Founder of Celebrating Life Ministries CLM)) for this powerful, enlightening tele service. Focus will be on Our Lady of Fatima and St Faustina "Divine Mercy" in our current times today. Have Faith and Trust in the Divine.


Self Love:New Course Teleseminar 6 wks 

This Course is designed to bring you closer to your Divine Self Truth. You'll learn to Love and understand your Self with deep Compassion and respect. You'll Love your Self the way GOD Loves you. 

This Course is a necessary step on your Ascension, it really transforms you and the value of your Soul's SELF WORTH.

Come join me for this New Journey into the Heart, the Truth, Love of the Soul. Check website for more Self Love Course description, sessions are recorded.

Once registered you'll be sent the link to join.

6 Weeks $222

HOLISTIC FAIR EXPO: Hilton Garden Inn 1100 South Ave. (11-6pm) StatenIsland, NY 10314. +Lecture... On Hold Due to Covid.

**Heart of Oneness Holistic Expo: New Jersey Convention Center 97 Sunfield Ave. Edison,NJ 08837 March 12,13,14 2021. Fri 5pm-9pm; Sat 10am-7pm;  Sun 10am-5pm. Lecture... Over 50+ New Age Vendors, Healers, Readers. Lecture will be on Sat Mar 13.

**Fall Heart of Oneness Holistic Expo Sun Nov 22. Virtual due to Covid. 10-6pm

Lecture will be 30 minutes on Soul Transformation.

Guardian Angel Workshop "Monthly Angel Gathering" 7pm. "Angel Healing Circle" in a SALT CAVE. Calling in your Guardian Angel and the Healing Angel's team. Anoiting with Sacred Rose Oil to increase your connection. Learning to 'Just Be', 'Breathe and Connect'. Let's do some Celestial Healing together. Come share your Angel stories. 

Sound Healing provided by: Crystal Bowl Heart Grid, Harmony Drum G528 and Flute.

All are Welcome!

Exchange $44. HeavenLee Float Spa "Salt Cave" 236 Richmond Valley Rd. 10309. 929-624-2227

Next Dates: May 1


Portal DNA Activation Meditation (2pm) Exchange $44 Inspiring Powerful Portal Meditation and Activation. Our Human Body has been shifted to Higher Frequencies so we can anchor this New Dimensional Light. Take time for Self Care and Self Love and come on over. Balancing your Divine Human Self + your Divine Cosmic Self. Sound Healing Crystal Bowl + Harmony Drum G528.

HeavenLee Float Spa Salt Cave 236 Richmond Valley Rd 10309

929-426-2227. Date: . Exchange $44


Prosperity One Day Workshop: "DARE TO PROSPER IN 2020"

4 Ways of Quantum Prosperity 2021. 12-4PM. Back by Popular Demand!


1- Dare to Prosper:  

2- Substance is Key:

3- Master Plan for Success:

4- Tithe Your Way...

Join me. Time: 12-4PM. Where: HeavenLee Float Spa Salt Cave 236 Richmond Valley Rd 10309. 929-624-2227*/*718-791-7689

Light Refreshments will be Served. Limited Seating. Exchange $297. On Hold Due to Covid.


A Day of Celestial Healing: May(10-4pm) Celestial Light Guidance/Crystal Light Bed Healing Combination Sessions or Single Sessions. HeavenLee Float Spa Salt Cave

236 Richmond Valley Rd 10309. 929-624-2227/718-791-7689.

On Hold Due to Covid.

Charismatic Healing Prayer "Come Holy Spirit" Friday Nights...

Join Rev. Susan G Chamberlain, PhD, an Ordained Minister with Celebrating Life Ministries for over 17 yrs, as she begins with Prayer while invoking the Presence of the Sacred. Be Open to Divine Healing, Mystical experiences, Anointing with Holy Water and Sacred Oil. We'll be singing and praying with the Divine.

 (6:30pm) Accepting Donations...

HeavenLee Float Spa Salt Cave 236 Richmond Valley Rd. 10309 929-624-2227/718-791-7689

Light Language Drum Circle - Harmony Drum G528


Celebrating Life Ministries "All Saints Day Celebration" (8-9pm) I'll be Co-Hosting (I'm a Monk & Ordained Minister of C.L.M.) this Event along with Padre Paul, Spiritual Leader & Director of C.L.M. Teleconference -  over the phone across the U.S.. Please Join us in this Global Celebration.

All are Welcome. Mon Nov 2,2020 (8pm-9pm).

Call-In number 1-727-731-4343

Book Signing "33 Seeds of Grace" A Prayer Journey with 33`Seeds of Grace' Daily Inspiring your Soul. Available NOW on Amazon.

Book Signing "Reclaiming Your Soul's Light" 365 Day Inspirational Order on Amazon & Kindle NOW available.

ALL BUSINESS MEDIA FM - Live Radio Interviews with Rick Del Gado. Wed: May 2,9,16 & Thurs May 24. All are (12:30-1PM) type my name: Susan G Chamberlain

**RePlay Feb 10 Live Teleseminar

Book Link: "Holy Quotes from Heaven's Holy Notes" Amazon



IN HEAVEN EVENTS:Monthly Angelic Light Body Meditations & Celestial Healing Circle with Workshops allowing these beautiful Celestial Light Beings in your everyday life and world. Calling in your Guardian Angels. All coming in 2021

$44 TBA

Retreat: Soul Retreat: "Soul Transformation toward your Destiny"

July 17,18,19 2020. Soul Talk. Soul Exploration. Soul Expansion. Soul Knowledge. Further details on Services page. White Mountains New Hampshire. Like mindedness, exciting and fun.


Guest Speaker "Kiwi Club of Long Island" Topic "Intuition" 12-3PM

8/11 Portal Activation Meditation: (7:30PM) 239 Richmond Valley Road 10309 Exchange $44.      On Hold Due to Covid.

The 12/12 Codes will Activate the Sacred Geometry Star tetrahedron around you. A New Portal of Light into your Merkaba - the vehicle for your Light Body Ascension - this holds your Soul's Divine Blue Print.

Anoiting Oil Healing Session to follow Meditation.

All Are Welcome.

Conference Call Event "Medical Intuition merging with your Spiritual Cosmic Quantum Intuition"  4 

What are these powerful LightBody shifts of bursting Energy? This will help you understand the great geomagnetic space storms hitting the great Cosmos as well as your physical corporeal body. Reserve your seat.


Staten Island Community Television Show: "Spirituality Plus" Producer/Host Susan G Chamberlain,PhD Next Guest: TBA

Edgar Cayce Center NYC. Psychic Fair Edgar Cayce Center NYC Psychic Fair

Awaken Wellness Fairs: 

Virtual Event: Speaking...

Virtual Readings (12-4pm), (12-4pm)

Book Readings at

**Tarrytown  (10-5pm)

**NYC  (10-5pm)

Celebrating Life Ministry:Spring Retreat in San Francisco Apr. 2020. Embassy Suits Hotel 101 McInnis Pkwy San Rafael, CA

National Shrine St Therese of Lisieux Darien, Illinois

"Ascension and Your Divine Light" Workshop TBA (7-8PM)/$44

 "Winter Solstice Event (6-10pm) $44 Exchange at Door

"Ascension and your Divine Light" Date Mar 2021

"Quantum Energy In/With The Power of Prayer" Workshop Date TBA

Available for local and long distance Motivational Speaking Events

Book signing schedule to follow "33 Seeds of Grace"coming in --- Lizzy's Foundation 11 Girard Ave West Long Branch NJ.(4-5pm) $45 Workshop+Book Signing to follow ...

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