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Work with Susan

Do you want to recharge your energy?

Do you want to feel excited about your life?

Do you want to harness your intuition and experience creating a life and work that fulfill you? 

I can help.

You can feel an immense sense of Joy, Love and Compassion for your profound purpose

  • Fulfill your soul's destiny 

  • Two Intuitive Sessions - Readings for your Soul Advancement 

  • Two Healing Sessions - Energy Mastery + Sacred Geometry

  • Remote Auric Clearings twice a month 

These powerful sessions work to guide you towards your Soul's destiny.


Over the 2 months, we will work along side one another to heal your past pains and set a clear and defined path for how to move you forward on your journey! 

Advanced Soul Empowerment Package = $1557 and worth every penny in what benefit it will provide to your life and journey. 

I cannot wait to work with you! 

Enroll Now!
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