June Promotions:

 Sales 10% off Select Services

*Intuitive  Readings  1 Hr ($225)

*Intuitive Healing 1 Hr ($225)

*I.E.T. Healing 1 Hr ($225)

*Reiki Healing 1 Hr ($189)

Call Now: 718-791-7689

Special Pricing for entire Month:

*Intuitive Sessions/$225

*Soul Profile/Numerology/$200

*Custom Meditations/$50

*Soul Profile/$200

*Crystal Bed Light  $90/HR

*Akashic Record/Auric Clearing Pkge/$359-Reg $575

*Auric Clearing/$200-Reg$297

*Energy Mastery/$200-Reg$289

*Auric Clearing/Karmic Clearing/Life Soul Energy Clearing Pkge/$799-Reg$1549

Also, there is a new Membership Pkge which includes all for $59.99 a month in FaceBook Group:

*Live 3 times a week


*Mini Soul Readings



*Group Healings

*Divine Conversation



*Angel Card Readings

*Guided Meditations

*Book Posting

Link; Http://Paypal.me/Divinegrace/59.99

Pricing Expires on 6/30/19

Thank You!


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