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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Heaven does not play around. You are in Soul boot camp training. If you’re set to help lots of people, you’re going to get heavy duty lessons.

Your Soul is going to expand beyond your wildest imagination. This life time is about getting rid of Karma. If you’re a Healer, you’re going to bump into lessons you’ve learned in every client.

Get your gear ready for Soul combat with your Self. The biggest person you’ll need to Forgive will be your Self.

Once you see your Trials and Tribulations, you’ll have an “Ah Ha Moment”. The Lights will go on and the Heart and nerves will relax.

You can say,”Oh my Gosh” to Heaven as many times as you like. Please don’t forget to be Grateful and Thankful to Heaven for the greatest Show on Earth, for you are the star here.

GOD Loves You!


**Have A Day Being Grateful and Thankful to Heaven!”

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