Author: Susan G Chamberlain: "Holy Quotes from Heaven's Holy Notes" intuitively channeling by capturing the energetic, mystical whispers from Heaven.  These messages press upon the pineal and download from Heaven while sitting in Holy Sacred Silence.

These Messages are for those souls who are looking for Holy, Sacred guidance from the other side of the veil. 

This is a collection of 365 wonderful inspirations downloaded from Heaven. The Energy of them is prayerfully contagious. Order your copy today!  

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Book: "Holy Quotes from Heaven's Holy Notes"

  • "Susan G Chamberlain's Holy Notes are teachings straight from the Divine. These messages are for the seeker's Soul and the healers heart. Each brings in the light and directs you on a clear path of acceptance for your Highest and Best. Embrace these messages and you will discover a happiness, love and positivity in life."


    Kisma Orbavich

    Founder, Illumination Academy


    "Spiritual Enlightenment for each day of the year. Truly a gift from Heaven."


    Jacqueline Hopper

    Psychic Empowerment Coach and Healer


    "Susan's Holy Quotes resonate with the heart of GOD, and inspire us all with a daily dose of HIS Love.


    Siohban Nicolaou

    author of The Absence of Evil: Love's Reclamation of the Soul

    Siobhan Nicolaou, The Sword of Truth, Facebook

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