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Intuitive Angel - Soul Path Destiny/ Expo's $60/ Zoom

30 minutes

Intuitive Angel - Soul Path Destiny Reading will guide you towards your next steps on your Soul Journey. The Angels come through with Messages for your Soul like a storyline.

Learn how to Work with your Energy.

Learn how to Work with your Light.

Learn how to Live in the Present.

Blue Rose Mystics…

Soul Path Destiny Reading/Expo-Zoom 30 min.

  • Thank you for choosing Spiritual Holistic Services-Blue Rose Mystics.

    We are delighted you’re on the Path of your Soul.

    This is for those who had a Previous Reading for 20-30 minutes at an Expo.

    This is on Zoom platform.

    Many Blessings on your Journey.

  • All Sessions are done on Zoom platform.

    Scheduling is done by Acuity Scheduling.

    Register here:

  Thank you!

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