Direction for the journey of your Soul. Learn to navigate and reconnect back to GOD, the Divine within. This is a powerful experience. I used Spiritual Direction to sit myself down with GOD, to realize my journey is with GOD. This will take you thru the necessary steps directing you into the Heart of GOD, a vessel of great wisdom. Deepen your relationship with the Divine as you grow in your own spirituality. This is an interpersonal relationship as you reflect on your spiritual life, you are led to discover a more conscious experience of GOD'S presence and love. Faith becomes your back bone as you trust and walk with GOD. We will talk and listen together, while I encourage, challenge and pray with you. You'll integrate spirituality into your daily life. You'll be able to discern and make choices. GOD is our primary Spiritual Director.

Pricing is by Session:

1 Hour Session is $175


3 - Hourly Coaching Sessions: $539. Please select the number of Sessions you wish to reserve. We will then contact you to schedule your hours.



Virtual/Teleseminar (phone)

Spiritual Direction Coaching/Teleseminar

  • This session is powerful on transforming your journey back toward the Divine. You'll learn more about your Divine nature and your human nature. You find a better way to live in balance and harmony between the two.

    Virtual/ Teleseminar

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