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Welcome dear Conscious Soul, Empath, Nurturer, Get-it-done Leader and Healer! If you’ve found me you most likely are:


  • The calm in the storm, everywhere! Especially at work, family and with friends.


  • People, even strangers feel drawn to you and share their life stories with you. All.The.Time. 


  • You have an intuitive sense of your surroundings, what people need and seek to support others...sometimes too much!


  • You’ve always know there is more to life and in the last few years the whisper to fully live your Soul Purpose is getting louder and louder!


  • You may be reaching a point where you feel drained from all the doing and being for everything and everyone else- and the whisper is saying, “It’s time!”


You may not know exactly what it’s time for but you know you want things to change.


You want to recharge your energy, feel excited about your life, harness your intuition and experience to create a life and possibly work that fulfills you! 


I understand, as a professional in the health professions I always used my intuitive and healing energy at work until the call became too strong and I decided to step fully into my purpose as Intuitive spiritual healer! 


And that’s what I do- I hold space for YOUR Healing and Soul Purpose to become fully aligned!


My name is Susan G. Chamberlain. I am an Intuitive Spiritual Soul Transformer and Mystic, located in Staten Island, NY, serving NYC, NJ and wherever you are, energetically by nature, but I have also earned those wings. All our experiences make up who we are and where we are today. GOD has a mysterious way of getting inside the walls of your Soul, there HIS voice is very loud and distinct. Perhaps maybe GOD has called you by name and led you here?


Would you like to learn more about yourself, your journey? 


Experience a sense of joy, love and compassion to your profound purpose. Wake up every day refreshed and renewed, to take on anything and remain peaceful and kind towards yourself and others... 


Click on the Link below and Let’s get on an an ease-filled, FREE consultation where we can discuss where you are and how I can support you! Live your Divine potential.

**All Services are Virtual through Zoom platform. Open everyday for any of your Spiritual/Energy needs. Thank you! 

Be well. Be safe. Many Blessings!


Forget what you think you know about the spiritual world Susan G. Chamberlain redefines that word.

Susan guides you to an intimate connection between your brain and body that you did not even know existed. Not only will she make you feel better physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Her amiable personality shines through as she guides you to balance; you have to experience it to understand it! Her abilities are amazing.


I have known Susan G. Chamberlain for nearly 20 years. She is a gifted Healer, Writer, Intuitive and Teacher. I have attended individual private healing sessions with Susan as well as participated in group teleconference sessions. With each interaction, I feel that I am being safely guided further along my personal spiritual path via Universal Wisdom.  My life has been enhanced in ways beyond measure due to Susan's deep commitment to the mystical aspect, Spirituality and her ability to convey this to me.

- V.P.

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Telephone : 718-791-7689

Email : susan@susangchamberlain.com, susangchamberlain@gmail.com

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