Blessings, thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Susan G. Chamberlain. I am an Intuitive Spiritual Soul Transformer and Mystic, located in Staten Island, NY, serving NYC and NJ, energetically by nature, but I have also earned those wings. All our experiences make up who we are and where we are today. GOD has a mysterious way of getting inside the walls of your Soul, there HIS voice is very loud and distinct. Perhaps maybe GOD has called you by name and led you here?

Would you like to learn more about yourself, your journey? Experience a sense of joy, love and compassion to your profound purpose. Wake up every day refreshed and renewed, to take on anything and remain peaceful and kind towards yourself and others... Then maybe we should talk, you have come to the right place. Live your Divine potential.

Are you feeling lost, lack of direction and a void in your life? Are you seeking something further, to have more meaning and purpose in your life? To release stress? Want help with moving forward finding the next step? You've come to the right place.

Would you like a life boost? Feel your best every day and be at the top of your game. Get rid of stuck energy patterns, live a more purposeful life. Find joy and peace in all that you do. Maybe we could talk about opening new pathways in your life. You've come to the right place. Be the best you can be every day.

With GOD All Things Are Possible, so align your life to your passions. Believe you can create great things. Listen to your heart, what's stirring in your Soul? Commit to your dreams, this activates your greatness. Expect great results no matter what you see in front of yourself. Uncover your soul at its deepest level. Learn about its Holy nature and true Heaven's essence.

I've walked a journey of ups and downs, ins and outs, low energy and high energy. I learned what it takes to pull yourself out of that. I've learned to uplift myself, to use the power of my soul, to create an atmosphere of healing and true Soul's worth sanctuary.

So let's journey together, as I've walked in your shoes. I know what it's like to wish to feel better, to wish to find my soul's purpose and true calling, to really get more out of my life and this I can share with you. I'm here to serve you anyway I can. GOD Bless.

Are you ready to transform your life? Please feel free to contact me. In deep gratitude with reverence and grace I thank you.

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Telephone : 718-791-7689

Email : susan@susangchamberlain.com, susangchamberlain@gmail.com

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