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Your Quantum Soul Light

Your Soul's Eternal Light

Your soul's eternal light listens to GOD on every sacred flight. Your soul is created by GOD,

Divine Source. It goes to an energy center (energetic qualities of your soul) and to a soul star. It is

here in which your vibration is created for your journey. Your vibration remains consistent, your

frequency may be low or high depending on your life circumstances, challenges and victories.

Everyone intends to live a hero's journey. Sometimes only a few will take the actual challenge

and use the soul's eternal light to take that sacred flight.

Our souls know their eternal light. Our everyday choices may bring us closer or further from our

souls' original divine blue print. The further away we get from this point, the more of a struggle

we may find on our journey; where we truly feel like we are living or not living our soul's divine

purpose. The more in alignment we are to our soul's original eternal light blue print, the more in

sync our life will be.

Our energetic vibration is expressed among eight energetic centers. Our soul will present itself

very strongly as one or two of these centers, although all eight are in us, only one or two will

stand out. Getting to know your self at soul level, your eternal light, you'll be able to understand

more of yourself, your choices and your journey much better. You can live a high-powered

quality of life through your soul's eternal light. When we choose to live at the soul's vibration,

expressing our natural energetic qualities, we will prosper abundantly in all areas of our life.

We are coming into the quantumness of which we are, the multidimensions allowing many

abundant manifestations. Our prosperity factor grows, our intelligence grows, our longevity

grows, our health increases, our balance and congruence also increases. Our new quantum

crystalline DNA is this efficient, allowing us to be and live more efficient. (The higher the

functionable DNA is, the higher you function; master teacher Jesus was 100%).

We are moving into an age where it is much easier to access our soul's akashic records (soul's

eternal records) of mastery (Akashic acuity). We can bring into creation all of our ancient wisdom

and prosper from it. There are currently many masters on this planet who have yet to tap this

powerful source, who have yet to recognize their soul's quantum eternal light.

It takes a great deal of courage, grace, stamina, and dynamic soul action to pull this into creation.

Much fear can arise when the ego realizes somewhat of its demise. The soul's eternal light

qualities are not that of the egos. The soul's voice will become louder and direct your choice.

Our merkaba (living quantum field) is becoming more and more awakened to us; the Universal

Laws become its draws. Choosing to live as your soul's quantum eternal light is your very own

hero's journey. The soul can hear GOD'S eternal song, it knows our holiness, it knows our


New York, USA


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