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Your Quantum Soul Light

Your Quantum Soul Light Your Soul’s Quantum Expression By Susan G. Chamberlain Your Soul's Quantum Expression is being felt on so many levels of your multidimensional being. We are all standing in this truly dynamic mystical matrix of humanness and divineness. As our pineal glands (your Soul's biology) are opening up all across the human earth grid, the level of intensity increases as our intuition increases. Our pineal gland (located in the mid-brain) is responsible for our intuition and our communication with the other side of the vail. Our intuition has the ability, and is going to far surpass our human brain. Intuition has trillions of the molecules of our 24 chromosome multidimensional DNA under its direction and is much more complex than our human brain. Intuition is and will be our only future language. We will all become telepathic, so no need for reading and writing but for now this is our practice. I know from my own experience how my intuition is just ever expanding. The people all around me in my community and work place all agree. We have been comparing notes and playing intuitive games just to see how open we are all becoming. We are noticing, even without thinking about anything what is coming right into our field intuitively. Nothing seems like a secret anymore, especially with the younger generations coming in; they are looking right through most of us but not for judgment but with compassion. When you're contemplating on doing something and you're looking for what the outcome might be, just sit with your self in silence for a moment and the answer will come. The more you practice listening in the moment, the more you will hear in that moment. This is called following and listening to your intuitive gut and the innate (your smart body - which carries all of your soul's information and original divine blue print energy - your direct connection to source). We are wired for intuition and it comes in a flash, but human conditioning and life settings can easily distract us and pull us off of our divine path. The struggle can come when we try to go against the typical forces surrounding us and redirect ourselves towards GOD's divine forces. There are dark forces on this planet that do not and will not assist you on your healing journey. Many of us are having new experiences where we are really noticing the change in currency of the energy field around us. I am noticing how much more synchronicities are occurring. The field is becoming more and more benevolent. It's working in a betterment for humanity as we are all noticing how our connections with other souls, personal or not, is increasing with greater compassion. I feel much more connected on many levels to things than I ever have before.

Susan G Chamberlain,PhD

New York,USA

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