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Your Quantum Soul Light

INSIDE COVER STORY –– Her Own Words YOUR QUANTUM SOUL LIGHT A Home of Heaven's Light By Susan G. Chamberlain In the middle of darkness you know you're being called. The wake can be challenging and startling. Your life used to be over here and now GOD has made you claim your sacred name. You start to become your own Holy witness as you experience such a transformation, that only Heaven could put a stamp on. You stumble around in the dark until GOD drives you inside. Your life becomes a mystical wonderment and unfoldment. You have lost your known appearance, shedding it in heaven's clearance. You pick your self up only to find you're blind to what you see to see and be. Heaven is directing your light and it becomes only GOD that you can see. Your inspiration and enlightenment have a new requirement. Living holy is a must, as it is in GOD whom you trust. You could barely imagine how circumstance and synchronicity have come to be, as I look at the many pictures of GOD and me. You see, I could never have put my life so clever, as it is GOD who's made me become so pure and clear. Life was just living before, as GOD changes everything when He meets you at the door. Living my life with my spirit and soul took on whole new role. When you live in alignment with your soul's sacred contract and assignment things become much more harmonized, slanted and congruent. Our archetypal field allows us much knowledge to yield. Our astrological numerology and sacred geometry fill out our essence, you know that it's GOD in your presence. You begin to live your life in awe. You live and love to be inspired, staying in higher altitude, with plentitude and gratitude. Your heart opens up even wider as the inwardness has deepened your desire. You develop a purpose and you learn about its potential, as luminous wisdom fills you with light. You meet so many people on the way, going from dark to light in an ore enlightened way. When you have single pointed focus with dynamic and consistent action, your life becomes a truth reflection. I could never have made my story what it is today, if I did not holy listen to GOD and pray. He is the director of my life as I use Heaven as my projector. I had nothing before, although I thought I had much. I was like a candle coming out of the dark and I know only GOD'S light could awaken that spark. When we step out of existence, connect to His divine presence; our life fills with Grace and reverence. You emerge into oneness and holiness. When I gave up the lower frequency battle of the dark and I choose a higher frequency, my life cleaned up out of its delinquency. Learning to live in/with the universal laws and the laws of the Tao, my life took on a higher purpose and meaning somehow. I grew up with prayer, which has structured my life as I gained a greater hunger for compassion and passion in service to others. Helping them see there's much more than ever to be as our quantumness invades our existence, timelessly and spacelessly. When I stop and feel all I've been given, I begin to feel the closeness of heaven. The light has always been there, as my spiritual journey switched on the power from outside illusion to the grace of GOD within. My soul is being hallowed out as home of heaven's light. New York, USA

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