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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Walk a mile in my shoes, you never know something about someone til you’re in their shoes. No matter what you say from the outside, the inside is filled with GOD.

GOD is in every Soul. This is a pure true Essence that lives in each and everyone of us. This is why many Angels come in disguise. Humans have a funny way of looking at things.

When you take off the Human suit, the covering that is so intricately, interwoven into our Soul; GOD, Divine Source is there. Close your eyes and open them again.

When we’re in our Human suit, we forget all about this pure Divine Essence Energy. We need to tap into this Divine Source every time we feel or think our clock, our supply, our Grace, is running out.

We are Infinite Beings of Love and Light. We forget our Infinity, our Truth, our Divinity all the time. We’re going back to this Infinite, Divine Truth. Welcome your Higher Self. Welcome your Soul.


GOD Loves You!

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