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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Remind your Self, you are a house of Prayer. What habits have you picked up that have removed you from your Divine Self?

Every form of Prayer is open to Humanity. GOD, Source, Higher Power, the Divine, speaks to us any way in which it knows to get your attention.

Will you Be Open enough to hear GOD, Source; to see GOD, Source; to witness GOD, Source; to feel GOD, Source; to know GOD, Source?

Will you just go on pretending that what you just felt, know Intuitively, was a mistake or not there? Would you go through life ignoring that which nudges you to open up to it?

GOD, Source, Higher Power, the Divine signals to us all the time. Every part of nature is talking to you by GOD’S means to get your attention. Will you pay attention?


GOD Loves You!

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