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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Pray each day with an Open Heart. Leave room for GOD, Divine Source to get into the crevices of your Soul. Allow this Prayer Energy to build up.

Sit in Prayer and Meditation daily. Let a communication develop between you and GOD, Divine Source. There is a connection there, so strengthen it.

Choose wisely in the course of a day to select from a Higher Perspective. Everything has an Energetic charge to it. What’s your current currency?

Prayer is a very High Frequency, especially when you Pray for others and Mother Earth. Your Intention in Prayer carries the Energy of the Divine and it is delivered by the Divine.

Group Prayer is especially High Frequency. “When one or more gather in my name, Yeshua - Jesus, there I am with them; as what is asked shall be done for you by my Father in Heaven”. Trust that this is so and SO IT IS ...


GOD Loves You!

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