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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Today we look to be our Holiness, our Divinity Pure in Truth. May we GOD, Divine Source, Holy Spirit capture your Essence in our Divine Soul and notice it.

May we come to the Light of Christ Consciousness and hear your very own words GOD, Divine Source. May we live from the Light and Love in our Soul.

Let us live Holy as One under this Divine Sun with Heaven on Earth. May we recognize one another as being Divine under one GOD, Divine Source.

Bring us to your Holy Trinity, may it be here on Earth that we witness our Holy Trinity. May we notice the path you have well lit for us and may we be guided every step of the Holy way.

Help us to look for you GOD, Divine Source in every breathing moment while here on this Beloved Mother Earth. Help us to notice you more in our daily living and life.


GOD Loves You!

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