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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Remember who’s in charge here on this planet and in the Universe. Remember who you are and how you arrived here. Remember you are a Spiritual Being having a Human experience.

What we think, feel, do, act, say is somewhat of a reflection, we think we are, while visiting this planet. We are nothing of what we think we are. Our small mindedness comes into play...

Only a fractional piece of our Soul is here. Our Soul is so big, it could not possibly fit into our Human form. Other parts of our Soul are in different galaxies and universes, yes there are millions of both.

Remembering our Soul reality brings about a whole new perspective of what you think is so real here, it’s not. We are a small sample of a bigger Self.

Try not to waste time on some small petty things; you’ll waste so much time and Energy on them you’ll miss the Present Moment of where living your life is most important.


GOD Loves You!

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