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Holy Thursday

Hold on to your Sacred Heart as we pass through these High Holy Days. Believe, Know and Trust the Divine in All that You are, in All that You do.

This Day is Holy Thursday, the Day of the Last Supper. The Day Yeshua, Jesus broke Holy bread with his kinship, Soul Family of Apostles. This Day HE let them know things about HIS Destiny.

This is the Holy Day we break bread with our biological family and our Soul Family. Those who are known to us through Spirit, as we have formed a bond in many lifetimes.

Yeshua, Jesus chose to have the Last Supper during Passover. He consecrated the Holy Bread into HIS meal, as the Christians know of the Holy Eucharist, Holy Communion.

Sit this Holy Thursday with as much family as you can given these times. Please try to Break Bread together and remember what was Given Up For You.

Rejoice in your life. Sing High Holy Praise for all of your good days. Much time has gone by since Yeshua, Jesus was here and yet HIS Christ Consciousness Light has remained.

Yeshua, Jesus did show us THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE...

HE lived a life full of Miracles and everything HE did, HE did with Passion. Have Passion these High Holy Days.


GOD Loves You!

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