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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Today is a Celebration of Divine Mercy. A Pure Devotion set up by a Nun who witnessed Jesus, Yeshua, many times speaking to her through Spirit about Merciful Love of GOD, Divine Source.

As we live this Day orchestrated by GOD, Divine Source, we need have Mercy for one another. Let this Love Energy fill up in your Sacred Heart.

The Merciful Love of GOD, Divine Source is everywhere. So toady focus and channel this Divine Merciful Love, letting it flow through your own Sacred Heart towards those in need.


Today New Moon in Aries, as it’s leaving the sign of Pieces. Pieces is intuitive, psychic and very imaginative Soul Energy. Lots of Transformation here with Spirit and the physical body. (Life & Death).

New Moon coming in, as we just released lots of karmic ancestral DNA, emotional releases, eruptive energies from the Full Moon waxing then to New Moon now.

You need clarity and boundaries, these will affect your time line as you take action with your choices.

Making decisions coming from the North Node in Gemini, which is making Conscious Choices.

Soul and Shadow are connecting, as your Subconscious choice is happening now. Your timeline will be affected by your experience of the Subconscious and Conscious Mind. Where you were kept in Conflict and Self Sabotage, this matrix is collapsing. Resolution is coming.


GOD Loves You!

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