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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Be alive in your Journey, don’t be in denial, don’t live in denial. Embrace every part of any opportunity you have, since we chose to come here to expand our Soul.

Live alive everyday. Let the Divine Source, GOD, know of your intentions. Be precise, be very clear, GOD can hear you without any of your fear.

Oh my Lord and my GOD, Divine Source, take me by my Holy Hand. Help me to develop my Self into the Light you granted me, the Light I AM as I crossed the Holy Veil.

Let me look upon my life with the Divine eyes you have given me GOD, Divine Source. Help me to see beyond the illusion and into the Divine Holiness we are.

Become more humble with your Divine Grace. Live in this Oneness and Unity of Infinite, Eternal Spirit Energy and LIGHT UP THIS GLOBE ...


GOD Loves You!

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